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New for 2017 - NC Abstract Artists and more

Pamela Andrejev NC Abstract Artists

Andrejev Studios 2017

Year two for our on-line business and we are growing. Our trends spring from the decades between 1946-1980 during which time modernist and surrealist aesthetics informed style and intention in painting. Abstraction then and now strives to open our eyes to universals of color and form; it can suggest; it can be optical. Magic Realist painting emerged with surrealism where the things we think we know and understand are painted with an idiosyncratic and contrived realism where method rules some visionary narrative.  

We have recently added mid-century non-objective abstractionist Helen Lowe Kendall [1892-1970]. During the 40s Kendall became part of the circle of Kandinsky championed by the Baroness Hilla Rebay who founded the Art of Tomorrow Group and the gallery that would inspire the building of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. We are fortunate to represent her estate of gouache studies, many of which were transformed into oils exhibited in New York and Paris, now found in various public and private collections.

 We have now expanded our representation of Elise Speight’s estate to include her black and white Op Art paintings from the 60s and 70s. By now we hope your familiarity with her color work will inspire interest in these black and white pieces. They are remarkable both in form and her hand-painted precisionist treatment of geometric pattern. 

Magic Realist Susan Brabeau, Abstract Surrealist Everett Mayo and Mid-Century Abstractionist Elise Speights continue to have an important place in our inventory, along with our recent addition of Helen Lowe Kendall.

Check out the additions to the collection!