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NC Abstract Artists and more

New for 2017 - NC Abstract Artists and more

Pamela Andrejev NC Abstract Artists

New for 2017 - NC Abstract Artists and more

Andrejev Studios 2017 Year two for our on-line business and we are growing. Our trends spring from the decades between 1946-1980 during which time modernist and surrealist aesthetics informed style and intention in painting. Abstraction then and now strives to open our eyes to universals of color and form; it can suggest; it can be optical. Magic Realist painting emerged with surrealism where the things we think we know and understand are painted with an idiosyncratic and contrived realism where method rules some visionary narrative.   We have recently added mid-century non-objective abstractionist Helen Lowe Kendall [1892-1970]. During the 40s Kendall...

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